Why You Want An Experienced Agent

Dated: November 16 2020

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Something I see everyday in real estate are agents that do 1 or 2 deals a year. While don't get me wrong, I FULLY appreciate that they are trying to make some extra cash for the family, but is it in YOUR best interest if your buying or selling a home??  

Buying and selling a home is the LARGEST financial investment you're most likely going to make. Yes, FINANCIAL investment. NO as Realtors we are NOT financial advisors, but we do help you in the negotiations and financial resources an a real estate transaction.  What does that mean? 

For a buyer, we are helping you navigate the contract in purchasing a home.  What we do for the buyers:

1. Help find the right home. Once we find the right home we:

2. Make sure to give you all the information on the value of the home, and what we have to offer to get our offer accepted. (In this market, we have to be creative, but we make sure your offer is strong, and give you all your pro's and con's that offer can have). This includes, but is not limited too, running comps on the sold properties for appraisals, speaking with the listing agent on the sellers needs, and coordinating with the lender. 

Once contract is accepted:

3. Make sure that all contract dates are meet to insure that due diligence of the buyer is meet, as to protect the earnest money.  but to make sure that you have all the inspections, information, and ect to make an educated decision on the properties condition. 

4. Coordinate inspectors, lenders, title companies, and agents to insure that everyone and everything is on track to a smooth closing. 

5. Help with any questions throughout the transaction you may have to send you in the right direction to get you the right answers!

For sellers:

This is where many people think  - put it on the MLS and collect a check. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO 

Actually for sellers there is just as much we do for sellers to insure we are PROTECTING the seller from FUTURE issues with lawsuits. YES, I said LAWSUITS. My job is to make sure that I give you all the information to make total, and TRUTHFUL disclosures for potential buyers.  What does that mean? It means that I know the area I am selling in, and give proper disclosures for the buyer to insure that YOU ARE protected. (If your curious to what the disclosures may be, feel free to reach out to me, because we have several we use depending on the area of the home).  This is my number one thing I do to help my clients. 

Beyond the disclosures, I also, make sure that I am negotiating to get you the absolute TOP dollar on your home.  How do I do that?? First I market, market, market, and then do some more marketing to make sure that EVERY potential buyer is seeing your home. We also, go through and call every potential buyer in our database to see if they are interested in the home. Right now, with the massive marketing I do, we are getting multiple offers on our listings! This means that I am able to NEGOTIATE the best price/deal for you at the end of the day, to get you the MOST money for your home. 

Once the home is on the market and getting offer, I Make sure to get all the information on the offers received. Calling the agents to see what the buyers needs and motivation are, Calling all the lenders to insure all the potential buyers are well qualified, and present the offers and give the sellers my findings from each offer received, to insure which offer is the best for YOU, the seller. 

Coordinate inspectors, lenders, title companies, and agents to insure that everyone and everything is on track to a smooth closing. I also help with any repairs that may need to be done on the home.

Help with any questions throughout the transaction you may have to send you in the right direction to get you the right answers!

WHAT could go wrong in this crazy sellers market?

Many things, that I try to prevent, but sometimes can't. Buyers cancelling a contract during the inspection period, is one. Buyers are having to make quick decisions and they sometimes get cold feet and an offer may fall through. But having an experienced agent helps you navigate this. 

Not disclosing a material fact is a big one. What is a material fact? Something you know about that home, that could help in a buyers decision to move forward or cancel a contract.  ONE thing I tell every seller is, if you know it may affect your decision to buy, it would be worth disclosing. 

For more information please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your options! 480-275-9566

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